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The church bells toll, the sirens moan

calling the citizens to the roadblocks in Keratea

By force they try to cover our  history, our souls with garbage

through deceit to leave our young soulless and limb

to leave infants and the old without care

soldiers sans food and our borders unguarded

Here, citizens, the outcome of your bloody savings:

Enjoy the development, of praetorians on the march

Keratea like (Northern) Korea

Transparency: Thick clouds of riot chemicals and teargas

New World Order of Things: You be the «Things» bought and sold out

and «Order» : Plastic bullets when you resist

A concise Plan: The entire Hellas a garbage dump

The Money exists: Brothers and Sisters, the Banks gambled, lost and must leave the game broke.

Instead, they bought themselves a «Government» to shift the debt onto you and your children.

That is wgy the «Government» feeds the Banks with money borrowed in your name with your country as a collateral.

What little is left, they spend in Keratea, in flashy war crimes in Libya, in gifts to publishers, mediamen and unions

so they will keep their mouths shut. That is why they come against you, Hellene brothers of Keratea

because the game was rigged, the prize left on the table huge, and the Banks want it all, allthough they gambled and lost.

Today Keratea, tomorrow Aigio, Mani, Ikaria, Siros,Krete!

It s us or them! Better resist now like Keratiotes than live as Keratades, fucked financial slaves !


One response

  1. Πολύδωρος

    Courage, brothers and sisters, courage!

    The struggle may be long and difficult – since you fight against the New World Order (rather Disorder) – but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. If every town in the world resists that international python at the end it will rack its spine.

    Best warm wishes for success.

    Μαΐου 21, 2011 στο 11:56 πμ


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